Kingswood Structures shares an in-depth guide called “Guide to Accessible and Responsive Street Furniture”. It offers plenty of valuable information such as:

  • An overview of how good street furniture design and public infrastructure planning, as well as careful consideration of accessibility needs, can significantly improve the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Important facts and figures about disability and accessibility. Did you know that, of the most common disabilities in the UK, 52% are related to mobility, 38% to stamina, breathing and fatigue, and 27% to dexterity?
  • Insights into laws such as the Equality Act of 2010 and recent developments in accessible planning from both the public and private sector. (e.g.: In 2017, the city of Chester got first prize in the European Access City Award for going beyond the legal requirements for accessibility, particularly for their historic city walls.)
  • Other useful resources, best practices, and sources of information to find out more about inclusivity in town planning, accessibility, and street furniture for the disabled.

Feel free to check our full-guide here:

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