What is “Can’t Wait”?

Can’t Wait is a scheme run by SGDEN with assistance from South Glos Council to encourage businesses to make their toilets available to disabled people with an urgent need.

We created a local, credit card-sized ‘Can’t Wait’ Card, for individuals to show to businesses, with a request to allow them to use staff or non-public toilets, or to use customer toilets without purchasing anything.

Can't Wait card

Who is it for?

The card can be used for all impairments which would necessitate quick, discreet access to toilets. This includes “invisible” disabilities and conditions.

Sometimes a disabled person might need to be accompanied by someone of the opposite sex and can’t use single sex toilets. Fear of being unable to access a toilet urgently means some disabled or elderly people have trouble getting out of the house, contributing to isolation.

Who is it not for?

The card is not for blanket use by everybody over a certain age or everybody with a disability. We rely on an organisation’s discretion to give the card to the appropriate users – people with disabilities or medical conditions who require urgent use of a toilet.

How does it work?

Businesses are asked to sign up to the scheme and display a postcard in their windows, to show people that they are supporting the initiative.

The scheme works on the basis of mutual respect and responsibility. Businesses open their doors while cardholders leave facilities as they found them. This helps ensure our communities remain open, respectful, and supportive. 

Can't Wait business card side 1