For lots of disabled people simply finding a café, a restaurant or shop which meets our needs can be a headache. It’s not just a question of wheelchair access by any means; there are lots of aspects to consider:

  • Are they welcoming to guide or assistance dogs?
  • Will staff carry your food to the table?
  • Is there a quiet area free from lots of background noise?
  • Are they welcoming to children whose behaviour may be considered unusual?
  • Do they have staff who can use sign language and / or who are deaf aware?
  • Do they cater for special dietary requirements?

Above all, do they go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and your custom valued?

We’d like to hear from you about such businesses. Please tell us the name and address and what you like about them. By all means point out weaknesses, or things which might cause a problem for people with different disabilities.


Your recommendations

Brooks Café
Coniston Community Centre
The Parade, Coniston Road, Patchway, South Gloucestershire. BS34 5LP

A lively and friendly community café based in Coniston Community Centre. Parking right outside, easy ground floor access (pity about the heavy door) with an accessible loo. Staff are friendly and always happy to carry your meal to your table. The food’s good too!


Almondsbury Community Shop
14 Church Road, Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire. BS32 4ED
Tel: 01454 202412

A great community shop with staff who are always willing to help me; reading labels and cooking instructions and even suggesting delicious meal menus! My guide dog is always welcome.


Café Ridgewood
Ridgewood Community Centre, 244 Station Rd, Yate. BS37 4AF

The Café offer breakfasts, and a wide range of lunchtime choices, a lot of these are homemade. Staff are knowledgeable on the content of food and offer gluten free options, the chilli jacket is delicious. Staff will carry your food to your table. Double doors to Café will accommodate extra wide wheelchairs, staff will help with these. Spacious accessible toilet, with shower, wide doorway.